How to choose pvc plastic flooring

PVC plastic floor, very beautiful light floor material, there are many well-known brands at home and abroad, and they are widely recognized. Wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, sound-absorbing, non-slip, and flexible in use, it has won the attention and love of many industrial bosses. So how should we buy?
Environmental protection
For plastic flooring, the most important criterion for floor environmental protection is the amount of formaldehyde released. Regarding the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, environmental protection in the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions of E1, E0, and FCF. In the early stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels is E2 (formaldehyde emission ≤30mg/100g), and its formaldehyde emission limit is very loose. Even if it is a product that meets this standard, its formaldehyde content may exceed E1 artificial More than three times the size of the board, seriously endangering human health, so it must not be used for home decoration. So there was the first environmental protection revolution. In this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry implemented the E1 environmental protection standard, that is, the formaldehyde emission is ≤ 1.5㎎/L. Although there is basically no threat to the human body, there are still residues on the floor. There is a lot of free formaldehyde. Last year, the flooring industry started the second environmental protection revolution, and introduced the E0 environmental protection standard, which reduced the floor formaldehyde emission to 0.5㎎/L. Now, Del has advanced the FCF third-generation environmental health standards, reducing the amount of floor formaldehyde emissions to a level that can hardly be reduced. Tested by the National Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Wood-based Panel Testing Center: the floor formaldehyde emission after the "FCF hunting aldehyde factor" treatment is only 0.1mg/L, which is far better than the E0 level formaldehyde emission limit standard. Make the floor truly a product that is harmless to the human body. The third environmental protection revolution marked by Del FCF will undoubtedly become the most popular trend in the flooring industry.

The good floor should choose good material, good material should be natural, high density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the density of the plastic floor, the better. In fact, it is not. Too high density has a high water-absorbing expansion rate, which is easy to cause dimensional changes and lead to floor deformation. Secondly, it is necessary to rely on advanced flooring production lines and equipment and rigorous technology to produce first-class flooring. The quality of the floor can also be judged from the quality inspection certificate, and other honorary certificates such as "national quality inspection-free products", "ISO9001 quality system certification", "ISO14001 environmental system certification" and other honorary certificates, because the acquisition of these honors must make a The result of enterprise's refined management.

Service is related to the guarantee of product quality and also the performance of the corporate image. The flooring products have some deformation, warping, and cracking problems shortly after installation, many of which are caused by improper installation. Therefore, whether the service is professional or not also affects the performance of the product. Nowadays, dust-free installation is popular in the installation of plastic flooring. Dust pollution in home decoration should not be underestimated. For example, in floor installation projects, wood chips and dust will inevitably appear, floating in the air, and the harm is also long-term and serious. People who move into a new house often suffer from a strange disease called "New Home Syndrome", such as feeling bored, nauseated, or even dizzy when they get up early in the morning; they are prone to catch colds; they often feel uncomfortable in their throats, poor breathing, and are easy Dizziness, fatigue, etc. This is because the respiratory tract is infected, and the biggest cause is the long-term suspension of dust in the air. In order to avoid dust pollution, it is best to choose a dust-free installation.

The meaning of a brand is by no means limited to the reputation of the company. A mature and successful PVC plastic flooring brand does not end up with strength and popularity but forms a strong psychological connection with consumers. A brand recognized by everyone is established through long-term interaction between companies, products and consumers. It is the accumulation of time, the practical actions of the company, the continuous improvement of products and services and many other factors that breed in the minds of consumers. A corporate brand is a promise and an attitude of a company, which is a guarantee for consumers. Therefore, when consumers choose a product, it is best to choose a big brand, in order to obtain a better guarantee of quality and service.

Today, in building materials industry, there are many incidents of profiteering and even damage to the interests of consumers. The corrupted atmosphere has led to a decrease in consumer trust. Prices are in a state of chaos, and consumers feel confused and do not know whether their efforts are worth the price, so they all want to know that there is a relatively transparent price.

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