Linoleum Welding Rod

Welding Rod Diameter
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sale unit: 1 roll(100 meters)

Linoleum welding rod creates seams that provide an excellent barrier against the penetration of dirt and moisture. It provides good adhesion, stain resistance and easy to be trimmed off.

Each welding wire has a plastic core for wire use and saves convenience.


There are many colors to match flooring color, we can create contrast color seem as a pattern.


Water resistance, Flame retardant, Antimicrobial, non-toxic.


1.Slot by hand, or electric device slotted slit. In order to secure the welding, you should clear the discarded material.

2. Slot requirements for a straight line.

3.The welding temperature value should be between 350°C and 400°C.

4. Deployment of welding speed and temperature is good, so good adhesive electrodes to the floor.

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